OJSC Petrolesport develops container terminal production capacity.

At the end of July the OJSC Petrolesport container terminal took delivery of the mooring container cargo loader (STS-crane). The total cost of the crane equipment manufactured by Konecranes Heavy Lifting Corporation (Finland) amounts to nearly 5 million euros.

The delivery was carried under the framework of implementing the investment program for developing the production capacity of the OJSC Petrolesport container terminal. In August 2007 Petrolesport will receive 4 rear-feeding container cargo loaders (RTG-cranes) at a cost of 5.3 million euros under the contract with Konecranes Heavy Lifting Corporation.

The company’s near-term plans include executing contracts for delivery in 2008 of an additional two dockside container cargo loaders (STS-cranes) and two rear-feeding container cargo loaders (RTG-cranes). Acquisition of the new crane technology is necessary to ensure full-value operation of Mooring No. 48 constructed by Petrolesport that will commence operation at the end of 2007.


OJSC Petrolesport (PLP) is a stevedore company of the Greater Port of Saint Petersburg. PLM tranships various types of cargo (refrigerator, roll-on roll-off cargo, timber, general cargo), and occupies a leading position for transhipment of containers in Russia's Northwest region.

The PLP container terminal began operations in 1994. Currently the terminal's capacity enables the transhipment of up to 650,000 TEU annually. Since 2004, the company’s annual average growth of container turnover amounts to nearly 50%. In 2006 the terminal’s container turnover became second in Russia in container transhipment volume and exceeded 313,000 TEU. PLP plans to tranship 430,000 TEU in the current year.

  • 03.08.2007