Freight turnover of the OJSC Petrolesport in the year 2007.

The total freight turnover of the OJSC "Petrolesport" (PLP) in the year 2007 was 6,95 million ton. The transshipment volume increased by 6.4% compared to the same period of the year 2006. The company handled over 3.3 million ton of containerized freight (+12.7%), 0.2 million ton of refrigerated freight (+18.9%), 1.5 million ton of timber (+12.4%), 1.2 million ton of scrap metal (-24.5%) during the year 2007. In addition, 32.3 thousand of freight items for Ro-Ro vessels were transshipped at the PLP Terminal, a 69.7% increase compared to 2006 performance.

Compared to the totals for previous year, the freight turnover at the PLP specialized container terminal increased by 17,6% and amounted to 368 thou. TEU. In import operations, the containerized freight turnover increased by 20.71% in the year 2007 compared to the previous year and amounted to 198 thou. TEU. The export container turnover was as high as 170 thou. TEU, an 8.24% increase compared to the performance in the year 2006.


OJSC Petrolesport (PLP, Russia) is the stevedoring company at St. Petersburg’s Big Port. PLP transfers various kinds of cargo (refrigerated, RO/RO, lumber, general) and is a leading in container transfer in Russia’s Northwest Region.

PLP’s container terminal opened in 1994. The terminal now has the capacity to transfer up to 650,000 TEU per year. Since 2004 the average growth in the company’s container turnover has been about 50%.

  • 22.01.2008