OJSC Petrolesport transhipped assembly equipment for General Motors plant.

The vessel Elbital arriving from Portugal docked at the OJSC Petrolesport container terminal on January 21. On board were containers for the first shipment of equipment for construction of the GENERAL MOTORS plant in Shushary for assembly of passenger vehicles.

The volume of the first shipment of assembly equipment is 166 TEU. The Solimar, scheduled to arrive on February 3-4, will deliver the second shipment of assembly plant equipment.

According to the investment program, the equipment at the new GENERAL MOTORS’ enterprise is scheduled for installation at the beginning of the current year, and the production line will commence operation in February-March 2009. The plant will assemble Chevrolet Captiva vehicles. The plant construction contract was signed in May 2006.

Revival Ltd. became the intermodal expediter for the construction equipment delivery project, and Trans-Biznes Broker Ltd. was the expediter in Saint Petersburg. Trans-Biznes Broker will carry out delivery from the terminal to the construction site according to a time schedule agreed on with the port.

The Petrolesport moorings became the maritime component of delivery. At present, PLP has created all the conditions for stable and long-term cargo carrier operations. With the experience and technical capabilities for loading and unloading specialized equipment, Petrolesport has become the sole terminal at the Greater Port of Saint Petersburg providing services for complex transhipment of containers and heavy and oversized cargoes utilizing its own equipment.


OJSC Petrolesport (PLP) is a stevedore company of the Greater Port of Saint Petersburg. PLM tranships various types of cargo (refrigerator, roll-on roll-off cargo, timber, general cargo), and occupies a leading position for transhipment of containers in Russia's Northwest region.

The PLP container terminal began operations in 1994. Currently the terminal's capacity enables the transhipment of up to 650,000 TEU annually. Since 2004, the company’s annual average growth of container turnover amounts to nearly 50%. PLP processed 368,000 TEU in 2007.

  • 22.01.2008