New moorning cargo loaders for Petrolesport.

Two new Panamax-type mooring container cargo loaders have been delivered to OJSC Petrolesport’s terminal. Finland’s Konecranes Heavy Lifting Oy fabricated the new equipment according to PLP’s order. Contract price is 10 million euros.

The cranes will be installed at the new deep-water mooring and will commence operations in July 2008. Mooring No. 48 is 190 meters long, was constructed on Damba Grebenka Island and was commissioned for operation on December 29, 2007.

Each cargo loader has a cargo-lifting capacity of up to 60 tonnes and will allow processing of up to 40 containers per hour.

The loading equipment was acquired within the framework of a program to develop OJSC Petrolesport's container terminal with the intent to modernize the equipment, revamp the site and increase the company's capacity. Four similar container cargo loaders are currently operating at PLP. The development program anticipates increasing the overall number of STS cranes to 16 units by 2013.


OJSC Petrolesport (PLP) is a stevedore company of the Greater Port of Saint Petersburg. PLM tranships various types of cargo (refrigerator, roll-on roll-off cargo, timber, general cargo), and holds a leading position for transhipment of containers in Russia's Northwest region.

The PLP container terminal began operations in 1994. Currently the terminal's capacity enables the transhipment of up to 650,000 TEU annually. Since 2004, the company\’s annual average growth of container turnover amounts to nearly 50%. PLP processed 368,000 TEU in 2007; the container turnover for five months of 2008 amounted to 203,000 TEU.

  • 07.06.2008