Annual meeting of the OJSC Perolesport shareholders.

The annual meeting of the OJSC "Petrolesport" (PLP) shareholders convened on June 11 in Saint Petersburg. At the meeting, the shareholders have approved the Annual Report, the annual accounting reports including the profit and loss reports (the profit and loss accounts) of the Company for the year 2007, approved the Auditor for the year 2008; elected the Auditing Commission, the Returning Board of the Company, and the Board of Directors of the Company.

Economic Performance

The freight turnover of the OJSC "Petrolesport" in the year 2007 amounted to 6 million 952 thousand ton. The Port turnover increased overall by 6.4% compared to the year 2006. During 12 months of the year 2007, the PLP has handled 368 thou. ТEU (+17.6%) or 3 million 308 thousand ton of containerized freight (+12.7%), 1 million 463 thousand ton of timber freight (+12.4%), 1 million 220 thousand ton of scrap metal (-24.5%), 715 thousand ton of Ro-Ro freight (+45%), 214 thousand ton of food products (+18.9%).

Financial Performance for the Year 2007. Profit and Dividends

The proceeds of the OJSC "Petrolesport" in the year 2007 were 3,595,508 thou. rubles, with a 60% increase compared to the 2006 performance (2,226,950 thou. rubles). The profit before taxes was 1,869,863 thou. rubles, and the net profit was 1,492,722 thou. rubles.

The meeting passed a resolution not to pay dividends for the year 2007 and to allocate the non-allocated profit based on the year's performance for development of the Company.

Board of Directors of the OJSC "Petrolesport"

The shareholder meeting has approved the Board of Directors of the Company as follows: Ignatenko Aleksandr Gennadievich, Mast Ivan Vladimirovich, Mishin Nikita Anatolievich, Nazarchuk Aleksandr Viktorovich, Nikolaev Kosntantin Yurievich, Saprykin Oleg Yurievich, Trofimov Dmitry Borisovich.


The Limited Liability Company "Auditorskaya firma GROSS AUDIT" was approved as the Company's Auditor for the year 2008.

Port Characterization

OJSC "Petrolesport" (PLP), a stevedore company of the Greater Port of Saint Petersburg, runs transshipment of freight of various descriptions: refrigerated freight, ferry freight, timber freight, and general freight, and the Company is a leading container transshipment operator in the North-West region of Russia. A number of specialized terminals are operated in the PLP territory. Since the year 2004, the average growth dynamics of the overall freight turnover of the Company has been 17%. The most promising lines of business for the OJSC "Petrolesport" (PLP) are transshipment of containers and refrigerated freight.

  • 17.06.2008