Road Tunnel at PLP is set in operation.

The construction of road interchange at “Petrolesport” OJSC (member of Global Ports Group) is finished. Road tunnel under the railwy crossing completed the technological integration of all port`s areas. Total construction investment is over 521 580 thousand roubles.

Earlier railway service disturbed the functionning of PLP`s cagro hadling fronts. The traffic of consists by Oktyabrskaya Railway main tracks (Novyi Port – Tsvetochnaya piece of line) crossing the Port`s territory, blocked the road traffic to the main terminals. The setting of new road interchange assured the pauseless road traffic on the PLP territory irrespective to the railway service and improved the efficiency of intraterminal work.

The construction of road interchange with tunnel near the pedestrians` entrance checkpoint began in 2008. The project implemented as a part of modernisation and development program of Petrolesport OJSC`s infrastructure (which is in its turn a part of the federal target program “The modernisation of russian transport system”. Project contractor is the “Mostootriad (bridge-building company) -114” OJSC.

Total construction investment is over 521 580 thousand roubles ( net of VAT). The tunnel has got 5 meters of vertical clearance, includes 3 traffic lanes, each of 3,75 m in width, 2 safety strips of 0.5 m each, and operating lines of 0,75 m width. The project also embodied the major repairs of railroad crossing in accordance with Oktyabrskaya railway`s technical requirements.

As explained by Mr. Eduard Chovushyan, General Director of “Petrolesport”OJSC, at present a considerable part of cargo is supposed to be transferred by means of motor transport. “The new road interchange shall ensure the uninterrupted cargo processing at Petrolesport OJSC, permanent transport access to the port`s infrastructure and the potential increase in efficiency of specialized terminals”, - отенциал роста производительности специализированных терминалов", - mentioned Eduard Chovushyan.

  • 14.12.2009