Petrolesport OJSC to commence second phase of reefer containers storage site development.

Petrolesport OJSC (PLP), which is part of the Global Ports Investments PLC group, has today launched the second construction phase of its storage site for reefer containers. The development project is part of PLP’s investment programme to expand the production capacity of the Petrolesport container terminal.

Currently Petrolesport OJSC has 1,800 reefer container plugs as at 31 March 2011. Once the second stage of the development is completed, the capacity of the reefer containers storage site will be increased by 2,736 TEU (1,368 reefer container plugs). Completion of increased capacity of the storage area of 1,728 TEU (864 plugs) is scheduled for July 2011 and full completion of the second stage of construction is scheduled for October 2011.

The first phase of development, which included expanding the reefer container storage site by additional capacity of 864 TEU (432 plugs), the container customs inspection area by 50 container slots as well developing an adjacent container yard to a maximum capacity of 870 TEU, was completed in 2010.

Since the beginning of 2011 PLP has been also developing the second phase of construction of a container customs inspection area for 70 container slots and an additional storage area with maximum capacity of 1,260 TEU. The launch of these facilities is preliminarily planned for autumn this year.

These new facilities have been built in the area where units for further processing of timber and other forestry product goods were previously located.

Development of PLP’s facilities is being carried out in accordance with the company’s long-term strategy, developed together with Hamburg Port Consulting. PLP’s investment programme is aimed at developing its infrastructure capabilities and improving the competitiveness of the company. During the period 2011 to 2023 PLP’s full development plan anticipates an increase in capacity of the container terminal to 2.3 million TEU from the current 1.0 million TEU and the ro-ro terminal to 270,000 vehicles from the current 210,000 vehicles. For the forthcoming period 2011-2012, PLP will invest $162 million as part of the company’s investment programme.


Petrolesport OJSC (“PLP”) is a stevedoring company in the Great Port of St. Petersburg. PLP is a leading container and ro-ro terminal in the North-West of Russia also handling various other kinds of cargo such as refrigerated and other bulk cargo. Petrolesport OJSC is part of the Global Ports Investments PLC group.

Global Ports Investments PLC and its subsidiaries (the “GPI group”) is a leading container terminal operator serving Russian cargo flows. It is part of the N-Trans group, a large privately-held transportation group operating in Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries. The GPI group's container terminals are located in the Baltic Sea and the Far East basins. The GPI group operates three container terminals in Russia (PLP and Moby Dik in St. Petersburg, and Vostochanaya Stevedoring Company in the Vostochny Port) and two container terminals in Finland (located in Helsinki and Kotka). The GPI group also includes an inland container terminal, Yanino, near St. Petersburg, which is one of only a few multi-purpose container logistics complexes in Russia providing a comprehensive range of container and logistics services at one location. In addition, the GPI group includes Vopak EOS, a large oil products terminal located in Estonia. For more information please see:

  • 24.05.2011